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2014-09-17 16:50

Globalizing AID Division, Become Miracle of Guangzhou Fortune

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The year 2008, is a major turning of Guangzhou Fortune entering a new international stage.

Through 20 years of technological introduction and technical accumulation, Guangzhou Fortune established an important division, AID Division, specialized in researching, designing and manufacturing automotive(or high-speed rail and subway train) interiors automatic production lines. Among the three letters of AID, the letter-A represents Automotive/Car(or train), the letter-I represents Interior, and the letter-D represents Division. The naming reflects international foresight and top quality of AID Division facing global interiors market.
It has been 20 years since AID start up. During the period, AID Division supplied high-end service of developing and designing, manufacturing and commissioning interiors automatic production lines, for many world-renowned car/automotive companies . Many world-famous clients are as follows:
Guangzhou Automobile Group (in China), Toyota Boshoku (in Japan), Rieter International Group(Autonium), Pei Erzhe International Group, South China Locomotive Group, Shanghai Carpet Manufacturing Company, etc.
AID Division, not only set up the first team of developing and researching car interiors automatic production lines in China, but also have many inventions and utility model patents, which attract the high-level attentions and partnership intentions of many world-famous interiors automation equipment producers, e.g.Spengler(in German) and Persico(in Italy). Therefore, AID Division laid a solid foundation for expanding global market of car/train interiors automatic production lines.
The globalizing AID, become a miracle of Guangzhou Fortune!


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