Established in 1988

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Company Profile

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Our company was established in 1988, located at beautiful & rich high developing economy Pearl River triangle zone Guangzhou city. It covers more than 6,000m2, and with construction area of about 4000m2, and with fixed asset of about 10 million RMB. The Company has more than 200 employees, of which senior, middle and junior technicians occupied over 50%. It adopts advanced scientific technology information and medium-networks, and it was a professional manufacture company, which can design, develop and manufacture kinds of checking, cleaning, pasting, assembly device by itself. It connects with international industry technology. By years.

  • In 1988

    Guangzhou Branch Teng company
    Founded in 1988
  • 4

    The company has 4
    An intelligent business department
  • 60%

    Exports account for 60% of the total turnover

Enterprise culture

All human civilization is the result of thought, we take the ideas to construct the future! All human history is based on the responsibility, we use the responsibility to create civilization! - Mr Zhan

Guangzhou Fortune industrial co., LTD., founded in 1988, mainly engaged in automobile, rail transportation, aviation research and development

“Quality first, honest first, insist on innovation and cultivation” is our principle. With a lot of cost on technology innovation & developing, and improve the modern management system, our production possess an important position for the technology level of its structure & function. Our company becomes one of the famous special device-making companies at current.


Fortune division

Business department
  • Car engine division

  • AID division

  • Special equipment department

  • Intelligent equipment division

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