Established in 1988

Automation Equipment Division

Automation Equipment Division



AED (Automation Equipment Division)

Integrating the process of the internal combustion engine assembling,positioning,transporting.

Introduction of AED products

The assembly and testing integrated machine is a multifunctional integrated equipment with assembly, location, tightening station, pressing station, image detection, online leak detection and other technologies. The types are divided into two types according to the transport form, which are Island workstations and custom automation lines. Island type workstation machine case on behalf of the GAC Fiat; customized automation line integrated machine case on behalf of Chongqing Qinan, FAW Xichai, Anhui Valin etc.

Project Brief

Island workstation is make robot as the center to transfer the components and constituted of multi-station transfer servo press-fit, leakage intelligent detection device and other devices. Through robot motion planning, parts fast positioning system, closed loop control of automatic pressure, position half closed loop control and speed control, data collection of press process, realtime processing technology, intelligent digital air tightness detection software & hardware design and system integration, achieve the high efficiency energy saving of automobile engine automatic pressure and intelligent detection integration and intelligent testing integration, meet the varieties production mode of engine.

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